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Boiler exhaust ducts ventilated cooling and thermal insulation (hot and cold thermal insulation) . Our strong company in its highly qualified staff , experience and quality of its services unbeatable is able to assist you with all its knowing during all stages of work included in your accomplishments programs.

our company has participated in the completion of several projects, Present on the market thanks to the quality of its proven products and the efficiency of the services it propores :

1- Brickyard Gipar LINGL 1.2 and 3 in Bordj Bou Areridj ductwork and insulation 2003 2012.
2 Brickyard MACTELL KELLER to GARRE AOMAR ductwork and insulation 2013.
3- Brickyard ALTRAPCO EQUIPCERAMIC in Bordj Bou Areridj ductwork and insulation 2013.
4- - HADDAD Group Eulma , Setif , Algiers dust jacket year 2001-2015.
5- BATICERAM and CERAMGLASS to Setif : dust jacket year 2003-2013.
6- Brickyard Zemmoura Relizene : ventilation duct 2013.
7 Career GMCM in Bouira : suction sheath 2014 .
8- Brickyard BRIMATEC in Msila : ductwork and insulation 2001.
9- Brickyard BRICK LIVE Bordj Bou Areridj : dusting sheath 2013.
10- I D E L A CERAMIC Hammam Sukhna Setif chimney and ductwork 2013.

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